What’s Happening

What’s happening at TSPA? As part of our culture, TSPA makes it a point to celebrate achievements, milestones , and “wins” with our students, staff, and guests.  With the beauty industry being focused on service, we educate and encourage all to be good stewards of their fellow students, guests, and community.  Take a look through our recent events and see how TSPA celebrates the lives of our students and all those we touch.

Careers in the Beauty Industry

If you are thinking of pursuing a career in the beauty industry, you have probably found yourself daydreaming about all the amazing careers that your future could hold. It’s an easy thing to fantasize about too, there are so many amazing options available! Whether you’re studying esthetics or cosmetology, your choices could range from cruise… Continue reading

Why Cosmetology Matters

Cosmetology is a thriving industry, with a growth that surpasses many other trade professions. With a growth rate of over 15% per year, well above the national average, it’s no wonder that the public opinion of cosmetologists is changing. No longer thought of as the beauty obsessed high-school dropouts, cosmetologists are career-minded professionals who are… Continue reading