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  • Your Journey to Beauty Begins at TSPA San Antonio: Unleash Your Cosmetology Dreams
    August 29, 2023

    Welcome to The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA) San Antonio, where creativity meets career in the dynamic world of cosmetology. If you’re ready to turn your passion for beauty into a fulfilling profession, you’ve found the perfect place to start. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a tour of what makes TSPA San Antonio […]

  • What to ask on a tour of a cosmetology school:
    August 29, 2023

    What to ask on a tour of a cosmetology school:  If you plan on visiting multiple schools for tours, let the answers to these questions guide you when choosing the right school for you: What programs are available? How long will it take to complete the program? What can I expect to learn? Is the […]

  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Go To Cosmetology School
    June 28, 2023

    Are you considering a career in the beauty industry and wondering if cosmetology school is the right choice for you? Look no further than The Salon Professional Academy San Antonio. With a vibrant beauty culture, thriving salon industry, and a wealth of opportunities, TSPA San Antonio is an ideal place to kickstart your journey towards […]

  • Unlocking Success in the Beauty Industry: Exploring Career Paths in Cosmetology and Esthetics
    May 31, 2023

    The beauty industry is a flourishing domain that goes beyond its surface glamour. It plays a vital role in enhancing self-confidence, empowering individuals, and contributing significantly to the economy. If you have a passion for creativity, a keen eye for detail, and a desire to make a difference in people’s lives, then pursuing a career […]

  • The Future of the Beauty Industry: Trends, Innovations, and Career Opportunities
    April 13, 2023

    As we move into 2023, the beauty industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace. From new product innovations to changing consumer trends, there are plenty of exciting developments to keep an eye on in the coming months and years. One of the biggest trends in the beauty industry right now is sustainability. As consumers […]

  • College or Cosmetology School? : How to decide which path to take…
    March 22, 2023

    Have you been feeling the pressure to go to college? Maybe from your peers, parents, and teachers? Society as a whole pushes high school graduates into getting a 4 year degree when in reality, not everyone is meant to take that path.   Things to consider when choosing what to do after highschool…. MONEY, TIME […]

  • How to Revive Your Hair and Skin
    February 28, 2023

    Need some serious damage control for your hair and skin. Now that spring and summer are approaching- here’s how you can hit refresh on your hair and skin goals.   Hair Conditioning Treatment Schedule your hair appointments in advance Use high quality hair products at home   Our cosmetology students are here to help you […]

  • 2023 Hair Trends
    January 31, 2023

    These days trends come and go faster than ever and that even applies to hair trends. Hair trends are influenced by pop culture, celebrities, influencers, season, and trend cycles. Based on patterns we are seeing, here are some hair trends that we think will stay around for 2023.   CUTS We are seeing lots of […]

  • “I enrolled in cosmetology school and I’m freaking out!”
    December 5, 2022

    “I enrolled in cosmetology school and I’m freaking out!”   What to know for your first week at cosmetology/esthetician school…     Dress Code:  At The Salon Professional Academy San Antonio our students are required to follow our dress code of all black at Level 1. Esthetician students can wear black scrubs as well as […]

  • It’s Never Too Late to Pursue Your Dream Career
    October 31, 2022

    Life happens, you have to make decisions and you don’t always end up where you wanted to be. It’s time to stop letting life get in the way of living your dream.    Going back to school can seem intimidating and full of uncertainties. It’s been a while since you’ve probably been in a classroom […]

  • Time to Give Your Makeup the Spring Cleaning Treatment
    October 20, 2020

    Makeup has become a staple in many of our morning preparation routines. Some of us can’t even leave the house without making sure our handy-dandy makeup bag is by our side. The team at The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), San Antonio understands the important role that makeup plays in our lives. What many people don’t know […]

  • Demand Grows for Trade School Grads
    February 14, 2020

    Is Cosmetology a Good Career Choice? A Cosmetology Degree is Your Path to a Better Future! According to Forbes, America needs trade school graduates now. A career in the beauty industry could be your ticket to financial security! Why? The beauty industry is worth $523 billion dollars. The average American woman even spends nearly a quarter […]

  • Dive Into Cosmetology
    February 14, 2020

    There are always so many expectations that come with January 1st. Everywhere you look you will see someone or something that is telling you “New Year, New You.” But was there really anything wrong with the “old” you?

  • What Should You Do After High School Graduation?
    February 14, 2020

    It’s that time of year again: the weather is heating up, the school year is coming to an end, and graduation is not far away. People are probably starting to ask you about your plans for after high school. It might seem like everyone knows what they’re doing, but chances are you’re not the only […]

  • Employment Opportunities
    February 14, 2020

    Beyond the Salon: The Wide World of Beauty Careers If you want to have as much fun as Queen Latifah in Beauty Shop, then a job in a salon is a great option. But did you know that there are countless opportunities in many fields for those with in-demand cosmetology skills? What can you do with a cosmetology career? […]


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