Consider Your Hair Problems Solved!

We get it. Hair can be SO high MANEtenance. Summer hair is prone to breakage while winter hair might suffer from frizz. Sometimes we might even leave a salon as unsatisfied as we arrived! But luckily we’ve got solutions to nine common hair problems so you can tame the mane.


Hair should be a confidence booster, not a burden! The next time you find yourself picking at split ends or itching a dry scalp, give these tips a look! Need more hair guidance? Come visit our student salon training area*!

To see more hair tips, check out this list of trends for 2018!

All services performed by students under the direct supervision of licensed professionals.

Your Perfect Lipstick According to Your Astrology Sign

Lipstick is the crowning glory to any look. Maybe there are more colors in your lipstick collection than there are changing leaves! Don’t know where to start? Well, we’ve matched your astrology sign to the perfect lipstick shade you can rock at every bonfire, pumpkin patch, or hot chocolate sesh all season long.

A circle of colorful lipsticks.

Need a managed mane to match the magnificent lips? The perfect lip color deserves the perfect hair color. Get some inspo here! Ready to perfect your makeup skills? Learn more about our cosmetology program!

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