Time to Give Your Makeup the Spring Cleaning Treatment

Makeup has become a staple in many of our morning preparation routines. Some of us can’t even leave the house without making sure our handy-dandy makeup bag is by our side. The team at The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), San Antonio understands the important role that makeup plays in our lives. What many people don’t know is how crucial it is to regularly clean your makeup. Not only is cleaning important, but you should be throwing away makeup that’s expired to ensure that your skin gets the proper care it deserves. Taking care of your makeup arsenal requires time and dedication on your part, but don’t worry! We’ve got your guide on how to make sure your makeup is hygienic, up-to-date, and safe for your skin!

So When is Too Old?

First things first, it’s time to throw out all that makeup you’ve been hoarding over the years. But how can you tell if it’s time to throw out that mascara that’s been your friend for who knows how long? Well, unfortunately, it’s not as simple as you might hope. How long your makeup lasts can be affected by many factors like when the product was opened and how it’s been packaged. There are some products that are bound to get old faster because of their water content and other factors. Here is a general guideline for how long you should wait till you think about throwing it in the trash.

Liquid, Pencil or Powder?

This is something you should immediately ask yourself when trying to decide if something has outlived its usefulness. Liquids and creams will have more water and oil in their content which will drastically reduce how long you can use them. For liquid and cream foundation products it’s recommended you throw them away after six to twelve months.

If instead, you have a foundation that uses powder then it’s going to last you a lot longer. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have an expiration date. Since the dryness of it keeps bacteria away longer than water-based makeup, power makeup can last up to two years. When it comes to pencils as long as you’re sharpening them on a regular basis they can also be used up to two years.

makeup foundation and brushes

Natural Ingredients

Just like food, makeup with natural ingredients will expire faster than those without. So if you’re someone who makes sure that their makeup is preservative-free, then you should be checking regularly to make sure that your makeup is still performing well and isn’t irritating your skin.

Trust Yourself

If you’re ever doubting whether it’s time to say goodbye to your favorite mascara, then you could always look at it yourself to see if something looks off about it. Discoloration, abnormal texture and a strange smell are just some of the signs you should be watching out for.

woman applying mascara

If you’ve found that you keep getting dry, irritated skin in the same area, it might be time to look to your makeup as the culprit. It’s important that you’re keeping your makeup in good condition so it doesn’t do more harm than good.

Cleaning What’s Left

So now that you’ve thrown out the old makeup, how do you make sure you get the most out of what’s left in the safest way? Take the time to sanitize and care for them of course! It may seem time-consuming but your skin will thank you for all your hard work. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of your cleaning regimen.

Brushes, Brushes, Brushes

Think about how often you use a brush when applying makeup to your face. Chances are that you’re using one every day, which is why it’s so important that you’re cleaning them. Especially make sure to wash your brushes regularly if they’re coming into close contact with your eyes! Just rinse off your brushes in lukewarm water, put a drop of soap in your hands, and gently scrub your brushes. Then when you’re ready, leave them out to dry by hanging them over the counter so they can keep that nice rounded shape.

makeup brushes

Regularly Clean Your Makeup

Cleaning your makeup tools is important but don’t forget to sanitize what you’re actually applying to your face: the makeup itself! Some can be done pretty easily, and the hardest part can be to remember to do it. If you’re using pencil products then all it takes is a quick sharpening and you’re ready to go.

Others may seem more complicated but can actually be done very quickly. Disinfecting your eyeshadow and lipstick can be completed in a few short steps. Simply scrape off the top layer and soak what remains in rubbing alcohol to keep them from getting dirty. It may seem tedious to remember but it will all be worth it.

Don’t Forget Your Bag

So you should be cleaning out your makeup and the tools to apply it but what about your bag you keep it all in. You don’t want to throw all your hard work into a makeup bag that still has last year’s mascara marks all over it. It’s a simple process but many of us don’t think about it.

makeup bag with lipstick

At least once or twice a month you should be removing your makeup from its bags and cases and giving them a good scrub. Antibacterial wipes are a quick and easy way to clean them.

Learn More About Makeup

If you’re someone who loves to learn about this and all things makeup, then you should consider looking into our esthetics program. Or if you want to focus on makeup check out our MUD makeup courses where you can learn makeup techniques used in the beauty, entertainment, and fashion industries. Contact us to learn more.

Need a Career Change? Make the Switch to Cosmetology!

So, you’re curious about a career change? Maybe you’ve been at an office job for a few years and don’t feel passionate about it. Or maybe you’re bouncing between jobs and want something more stable. Whatever the case, our cosmetology program at The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), San Antonio can open the door to a variety of exciting careers in the beauty industry. If you’re ready for a change, are a few reasons why pursuing a future in cosmetology could be beneficial for you!

Scheduling is Flexible

Working as a cosmetologist often allows for pretty flexible scheduling. Need to work while your kids are at school? That’s a possibility. Got another job or family obligation? Nights and weekends are also an option. Unlike many other careers, cosmetologists don’t have to stick to a traditional “9 to 5” schedule. Having options is great if you’re a parent, have a busy schedule, or just would rather work in the evening or on a weekend! Whether you rent a booth at a salon, become a salon employee, or provide services from your home, cosmetology could offer flexibility that many other careers do not.

Woman using a planner next to a laptop.

You Can Embrace Creativity

For those who love art and working with their hands, cosmetology can be a great creative career choice. Between cutting and styling hair, developing beautiful colors, and applying avant-garde makeup, cosmetologists get a chance to use their artistic brain every single day! If you’re an intrinsically creative person, then it’s likely that you’ll be happier and more fulfilled in a creative, fast-paced career rather than being stuck behind a computer all day. Every client is different, which means your daily tasks will never be exactly the same. As a stylist or makeup artist, you get to learn someone’s individual tastes and bring their unique vision to life!

Female makeup artist uses a large colorful palette.

It’s a Social Environment

From clients and coworkers to salon staff members and product suppliers, cosmetologists work with and around a lot of people every day. Many office jobs can get lonely, especially if you work remotely. Working in a salon, spa, or behind a makeup counter can give you the chance to make new friends, connect with clients, bounce ideas off your coworkers, and receive valuable, in-person feedback on a daily basis. Even if you’re not the most extroverted social butterfly in the world, human beings are social creatures by nature. We need the company of others. A career in cosmetology could allow you to meet new people and engage in conversation throughout the day.

Female stylists work with clients in a salon.

You Can Constantly Learn New Things

In many office jobs, learning and growth can become stagnant. You’ll learn everything you can and then one day, there will be no more challenges. That’s usually not the case with cosmetology. The beauty industry is constantly changing. Thanks to blogging, social media, and the influencer community, new trends, cutting-edge products, and innovative application techniques are popping up daily. As a cosmetologist, keeping up with what’s new is just part of your job. Clients are looking for someone who’s on top of what’s popular. Working in the beauty industry means there will always be new challenges and new ways to do things!

Powder, lipstick, and other products sit on a table.

Upward Mobility and Career Options

If you’re changing careers, you’re probably wondering about career options and making a living in the beauty industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, beauty industry careers in the United States are expected to grow by 13% between 2016 and 2026. The demand for hair and other beauty services is continuously growing, so now is a better time than ever to start a career in beauty. Additionally, with the massive influx of freelance makeup artists/stylists, beauty bloggers, vloggers, and influencers, beauty careers are no longer restricted to salons. There are more options than ever. A cosmetology license could just be that first step toward a potentially lucrative and personally fulfilling career!

Barber styles a male client's hair.

Apply to Our Cosmetology Program Today!

Now is the time to start your future in beauty. It’s never too late to make a change and find a career you’re passionate about! For more information about applying to our cosmetology program at TSPA San Antonio, contact us today.

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