Why Cosmetology Matters

Cosmetology is a thriving industry, with a growth that surpasses many other trade professions. With a growth rate of over 15% per year, well above the national average, it’s no wonder that the public opinion of cosmetologists is changing.
No longer thought of as the beauty obsessed high-school dropouts, cosmetologists are career-minded professionals who are driven by a deep work ethics and goals.
Nowhere is the commitment and culture of this profession shown better than in the community outreach, and in the good deeds that prove why the beauty industry is important.
So much of our self-esteem and worth is driven by our appearance, and how we perceive ourselves. These important base-lines can be heavily distorted when your life leaves you in a place that makes caring for yourself is difficult, or when your health takes a turn that leaves you questioning your beauty or worth.
It is in these moments that this amazing community shines, displaying their true heart, and showing the world that cosmetology, and the amazing artists behind it, matter.

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