TSPA San Antonio: 2017 Excellence in Education Honoree

Modern Salon has been long recognized as a leader in delivering the highest quality news and how-tos in the beauty industry. With more than three decades of publications under their belt they truly have their finger on the pulse of trends and styles that keep our runways popping and our creativity fueled.

For the past seven years Modern Salon has taken their dedication to the beauty industry further by recognizing the schools that produce the next generation of creative professionals.

The Excellence in Education awards by Modern Salon have been a coveted accolade for cosmetology schools across the country since their inauguration in 2010. Awarded to schools with standards and service that go above and beyond the norm, these awards are given to only a few choice schools a year.

This year The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), San Antonio was honored to be recognized by Modern Salon for their excellence in Community Involvement and Marketing.

Read on to hear more about the award, and what it means to our school, and to our students.


Excellence in Education

As part of the TSPA family, delivering a program that gives our students an Excellence in Education is more than our motto, it’s our commitment to our students and to the futures that they will someday build. It is that dedication that Modern Salon editorial director, Michele Musgrove, wants to exemplify in this years nominees; saying, “We want to help spread the word about the exceptional work cosmetology schools are doing to help launch beautiful careers.”

We are proud to be recognized for our commitment to our students, and to building an education that will see them into their own beautiful future.

An Innovation in Marketing

The world is changing, and with it so does the way we reach our students. We have made it one of our top priorities to stay up with the current trends in social media and networking. We do this not just to help potential students find a school that fits their goals, but to educate our current students in marketing skills and techniques that will help them build their client count and create a successful career.

We know that business skills are an important foundation into each of our students successes. Buy helping them build a knowledge in business management and marketing we are giving them the tools they need to build their own success and reach for the stars.

A Dedication to Community

It takes a tribe to raise a child. It also takes a tribe to create community. At The Salon Professional Academy, San Antonio we know that as a stylist you are only as strong as the community behind you. That is why we bring such a strong focus to building that community to our students, challenging them to give back to the people and businesses that give so much to them.

It’s a spirit of serving that we cultivate in our school, and in the family we have built here. By donating our time and our services to those in need we help those who help build our neighborhoods and community into something amazing.

Excellence in Education has been our motto for years, and we are honored that Modern Salon sees those values in us.

Thank you Modern Salon for this recognition, it is truly an honor.

Are you ready to build your future? We invite you to come tour the facilities at The Salon Professional Academy, San Antonio and let us show you how our staffs dedication to you, and to your future can help you build a foundation toward your dreams. Schedule a tour today.