Let Your Zodiac Guide You To Your Perfect Prom Style: QUIZ

Prom is one of the biggest nights of a girl’s life! Choosing the perfect look can feel like a major decision. After all, it impacts everything from your shoes, to your hair and even your makeup. That doesn’t mean that those decisions have to become stressful! Are you all about the full-on glamor? Or are you more of a simplistic gal?

Take our quiz, and let your zodiac sign tell you all it has to say about your prom look!

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Military’s Most Influential Fashion Trends

Fashion and beauty trends are ever-changing. They are regularly influenced by people, moments in time, movements and so on. Have you ever realized the influence that the military has had on the world of fashion and beauty, though? There is more of a connection than you’d think. Here are some of, what we think to be, the most iconic fashion and beauty trends that have stemmed from the Military.

The Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket can also be referred to as a flight jacket. In recent months, we have seen the fashion phenomena transpire across the globe. While it used to be a heavy-duty aviation garment that served a legitimate purpose, it can now be found in the closet of all your favorite fashion gurus.

The High and Tight

All the cool kids these days have all kinds of variations of the high and tight. According to www.manlycurls.com, the popular haircut has been a flagship haircut of the Marines from the 1960s onwards. The traditional look has short sides and back, usually buzzed to skin, and the top has some length to it that is usually around an inch. Today, you can see all different styles that stem from this traditional military cut. Keep it real guys, appreciate your veterans and their hip hairstyles.

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In an article from nytimes.com, they explained that the aviators started in the 20’s, as a form of protective eyewear for pilots once they started flying at higher elevations. During World War II, aviators became standard gear for military men. Now, aviators can be found in the majority of almost any store that sells sunglasses.

Dr. Martens

These stylish boots that have proven they are a trend that is here to stay. From punk rockers and grunge queens to military folks and hipsters, Dr. Martens have been fashion staples since the 60’s. Fun Fact: According to an article from buzzfeed.com, Dr. Martens were invented in 1945 by a german doctor in World War ll and they were originally designed for the working class.

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants can also be known as cargo trousers or combat trousers. From a military standpoint, they actually served a purpose other than being the staple of your perfect outfit. During the mid-1940’s, amidst World War II, the convenient bottoms surfaced in the U.S. Their plentiful pockets were used for holding things like radios, extra ammunition, and many other things.


We can thank Rosie the Riveter for this one! During World War ll, while men enlisted for the war, women often found themselves entering the workforce. Industrial labor wasn’t always pretty, women followed trend and started wearing bandanas as protection from some things like dust and water. Although Rosie was a fictional propaganda character to embracing powerful women in the workplace, her fashion influence is legendary. Wear that bandana loud and proud, ladies.


The most obvious of all military trends but not any less fabulous: camouflage. In an article from usatoday.com, we learned that the military really started to embrace camouflage in the World War l era for the purpose of low visibility. Ironic that in fashion we wear it to be scene and make a trendy, “I am a fashionista” statement. So wearing it to brunch with your friends is obviously not as purposeful as the military uses but cute and hip, nonetheless.

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate everything that the members of our military do for this country. Thank you to all the military personnel who serve our country! Do you have some military-inspired looks of your own? Share them with us on our Facebook page!