Texas Natural Hair Instagrammers We’re Obsessed With

Instagram is the beauty industry’s future. Makeup artists, hair stylists, and many others are using the social media platform to take the internet by storm. While YouTube used to be the main arena for beauty vlogging, we are really loving the Insta-trend! These Texas natives are our obsessions.


Julian Rita Addo: @julianraddo

A naturally curly girl who runs Bella Kinks. Bella Kinks is a natural hair movement that promotes self-love for other girls with natural curls. In fact, the Natural Hair Expo was held right here in Texas! Dallas to be exact. Check out the expo site for information on what happened and where they’re going to be next! Julian’s IG account is used to encourage the movement, and she shares lots of products that curls love! Her confidence radiates to everyone that is a part of the movement.

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Michelle Breyer: @curlymichelle62

Michelle is one of the most well-known curly icons on the interwebs. Her personal blog, The Curly Connection, is a great resource for women who have a natural spring to their hair. She is also the Co-Founder and President of TextureMedia, INC. Along with that, she spends time blogging on her other website, Naturallycurly.com. This site has many how-tos, resources, and products for sale. We love her passion for supporting the textured hair community.

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Sumetra Reed: @sumetrareed

Sumetra is always on the curly side! Her site, Sumetrareed.com, is constantly being updated to give us the latest product reviews. Her dedication to her followers is inspiring. She loves her fans so much, that the most common posts on her IG are giveaways and discount promo codes!


Charlene Walton: @texturedtalk

Charlene is a Dallas-based blogger and natural hair educator. Her advice can benefit curly-haired women with any texture. Her upbeat attitude makes us love her more with every post. Visit her site Texturedtalk.com for even more fun and information!


Marrica Evans: @flauntyourfro

Marrica is everything. Literally. Marrica spends her time blogging about life, style, and natural hair. She also works as a talented photographer. Oh, and she owns the site Flauntyourfro.com. Her drive is an inspiration for young women everywhere. We admire her ability to keep it all together and look good while she’s doing it. Her IG account is always featuring her favorite products, and just as often, adorable selfies.

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I’vana Holmes: @imholmesx2

I’vana is only 9 years old. She is one of the most impressive 9-year-olds we know. I’vana is a naturally curly model and blogger. She and her sister, Melanie (who is 2!), are already influencing young, naturally curly girls everywhere. She is a girl in the beauty industry to watch! Their blog, www.imholmesx2.com, is launching September 1, 2016!

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I’sha Gaines: @honeybenaturalmag

I’sha is the founding editor of the magazine Honey be Natural. It is an industry-leading magazine for natural hair, fashion, and lifestyle. I’sha is not only an entrepreneurial success in magazine-founding, but she is also a family, lifestyle, and portrait photographer. To check out her work, visit Ishagaines.com. To check out her mag, visit honeybenatural.com.

Is your favorite naturally curly account missing from our list? Let us know in the comments below!

The Bella Kinks DFW Natural Hair Expo was held in Dallas on October 21st-23rd 2016. The expo featured 20+ natural hair speakers and was held at the Fashion Industry Gallery (F.I.G) (1807 Ross Ave Dallas Texas 75201).

Let us know if you attended the expo and what you learned and loved!